Month: January 2017

Can You Find Solid, But Cheap Essays?

Those of us who are currently going through college want to do everything possible to make sure that we can get the tools we need to achieve our goals. We may be using a lot of different methods in order to make sure that we don’t miss out on anything. Not only that, but we may be in a situation where we have to make sure that we don’t spend too much money in order to achieve those goals, either.

The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of students who are looking for cheap essays and trying to see if they are good enough quality for them. Thankfully, there are a lot of people out there who have been trying to make sure that they can give college students the resources that they need. Whether you’re trying to see what can be done or you’re looking for someone who can write your essays the way that you want them to be, you can actually find a lot that is out there and that is going to be helpful to your cause as time goes on.

Think about the last time that you had free time. If you had someone to take care of some of your essays, it may have been sooner than what you remember, right? So, you want to make sure that you look at what’s out there and find answers that work well for you. In the end, it will make more sense and you can find ways to get connected with others. Saving a lot of time means that you have much more time to go out there and take care of other things that you want to do and that need to be done as well.

The Future of YouTube

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YouTube has become a cultural giant in the world of media. Literally every topic and niche can bring in revenue for the clever, and skilled, entrepreneur. Some even go so far as to buy YouTube views. Recently I have seen some of my favorite political commentators appear in the mainstream news, and it hit me. YouTube news channels garner way more views than the traditional outlets -YouTube is technically the mainstream for most public discourse at this point. That’s why it’s both troubling, and exciting to see the recent changes YouTube has been making,

While some recent technical glitches and the new algorithms for page popularity ratings have angered some creators, it seems that these may have just been the growing pains of much larger shifts for the platform as a whole. In some ways, it seems smaller channels are being squeezed out in favor of promoting the established creators with large audiences (this may actually lead to more people buying YouTube views). I don’t support this necessarily (though time will tell if this is actually the case) but these changes really were inevitable. The rising popularity of the platform, coupled with the insane cash services like Netflix are generating -made this shift a no-brainer.

YouTube is currently testing the release of a new pay for service hoping to compete with other media giants. YouTube Red offers advertising free viewing as well as a series of exclusive shows. The question remains if this change of platform will be good for the creators who rely on massive audiences – a pay for service may guarantee a paycheck but it might also hinder their ability to go cross platform since they must rely on a smaller exclusive audience. Something else YouTube may be banking on. The changes are coming fast, and it could either break the YouTube we know and love, or create an even more powerful behemoth.